development is offering freelance consulting and development in C/C++, Objective-C, C#, Python and Java. Focus is on multimedia applications for Linux, macOS and Windows, embedded system programming and mobile software for IOS and Android. is registered and operating in Aalborg, Denmark, but we have international clients such as Purix, Kunstuniversität Linz, ATLAS.ti, AKQA, Nokia and T-Systems, working in the communication sector, embedded systems, videogames and scientific research.

Contact for further information:
mktsteiner AT gmail DOT com

But there is more to it. has the brand / project block 4 which started as a music label in 1989 and is now also media lab, artist management and sound studio. Here we research and develop sound synthesis, artistic VR projects, provide sound design, soundtrack production and mastering, develop embedded projects on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, working with Machine Learning, teaching and workshops and much more. The experience feedback in our consulting work for diverse companies.
some examples of our creative work:
being artists in residency in Ii, Finland, developing Raspberry Pi applications with OpenCV
Pure Data
sound design
3D animation